Monday, January 1, 2007


Ellen C. Maze, owner of The Author's MentorAuthor of Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider and The Judging
Suzanne Hartmann has been a true God-send. With her help, my first novel became a sure-fire bestseller and two years later is consistently a Top-Rated book on Amazon. Sure, my story compels people, but if it weren't for Suzanne's help before publication, I am sure my novels would never have reached the bookstore. Suzanne not only critiqued my work, but she taught me how to see and fix my own errors! I recommend her to everyone who writes, and I am 100% confident that she can help you, too.

Terry Burns, literary agent for Hartline Literary
Author of over 40 books including “A Writer’s Survival Guide to Publication
Just because somebody cooks a good hamburger doesn’t mean they can open a restaurant and just because somebody has a good story in their head doesn’t mean they can write it in such a manner that it can be published. Agents and editors see hundreds of such offerings each month and obviously there isn’t room for all of them so the competition is very stiff. In this book Suzanne does a good job of walking the author through the basics. All successful authors have gone through the process of learning their craft and we can all use all the help we can get polishing that submission to where it can compete.

Author of Polar Bear Plunge, available soon from White Rose Press
This book is laid out so well, writers will have the information at their fingertips. Chicago Manual of Style drives me nuts because you have to "know" and understand what you're looking for before you can go to it to understand what you're looking for. You know what I mean? So, Write This Way is going to be such a helpful tool. Love it!

K.M. Weiland – Author of Crafting Unforgettable Characters, as well as several historical novels
This brilliant little book offers the foundational elements of novel writing in a fun, easy-to-read list format that breaks down the information into bite-size pieces. It's a fast read that's sure to have novelists walking away ready and able to apply these important principles to their own work.

Liberty Speidel – Pre-published author
Children's Book Reviewer at CCBReview 
Write This Way is a useful tool for beginning and experienced writers alike. You will want to keep this book handy as you work on your multitude of manuscripts. The information is invaluable to the writer, and is presented in an easy to understand manner—which is useful for those of us without a degree in English! Because I have read her blog since its inception, Suzanne has helped me polish my writing to a point where I'm ready to submit to agents. 

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